Limestone caves

Limstone caves is located at Nayadera, Baratang island. One may get glimpse of aboriginal tribes along the route. The lime caves, full of splendid stalagmites, stalactites and pillar rocks, can be accessed by a 40-minute boat ride through the creeks from the Nilambur Jetty. And about 15-minute trek further through village and forest. It gives an immense sense of adventure to the tourist.

Parrot Island

The Parrot Island is a natural habitat for parrots in this region. Thousands of Parrots returning home before every sunset is a unique and must see view for all nature lovers. The Parrot Island is the best experience for the tourists visiting to Baratang. If your tour to the Andaman does not cover Parrot Island, it is going to be a real loss.

Mud Volcano (100 Kms. By road from Port Blair)

The rare phenomenon of a mud volcano can be seen at Baratang. The journey to the hillock having mud volcano involves trekking (for 10 minutes) through green forest and marshy areas. The mud volcano last erupted in 2003, even today one can see the debris was spread over 250 sq m on the top of the hillock.
Mud volcanoes are vents in the earth which emits gas and mud. This is a rare phenomenon and is found in only select places around the globe. In our country, Andamans is the only place where such volcanoes are found.

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