Cellular Jail

It is the most important landmark of Port Blair. The construction began in 1896 and completed in 1906. The jail had seven radiating wings out of which only three survive today. The British used it to confine freedom fighters in it. A fascinating Light & Sound show in the evening will bring those memories alive in the jail. It is the special attraction for the visitors.

The Mini Zoo

It is located at Haddo. It houses some of the rare species of endemic birds and animals found only in these islands. Though it is a small Zoo, yet one can watch rare species which are not seen on mainland.

Chatham Saw Mill

Is one of the oldest Saw Mill in Asia and a tourist attraction with its antique machinery. Museum in this premised is a must to be seen, which provides a lot of information about the Mill and its work culture. The Mill is built on a tiny island and is joined to Port Blair by a bridge.


The Naval Marine Museum has an excellent collection of shells and corals and explains about the country’s maritime history.

Anthropological Museum

Anthropological Museum at Phoenix Bay gives insight into the indigenous tribes’ life in the islands. It presents a good collection of photographs and artifacts. The Japanese presence in the Islands during World War II is preserved here.

Fisheries Museum

At Atlanta Point is a marine aquarium which displays a variety of tropical fish and corals found in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Science Centre

It is located in Good Will Estate on the way to Carbyn’s Cove Beach. It is informative and educating for children and the young. It has Andaman and Nicobar Islands Gallery with interactive exhibits depicting genesis of the Island, volcanic activities, science of oceans, fun science gallery, modern technology gallery etc.


The Govt-run Cottage Industries Emporium is a good place for souvenir collection. Wide varieties of gift articles like pearl, sea shells and local wood products are available here. You can find many shops selling shell craft and other handicrafts in Port Blair’s bazaars.

Gandhi Park

This beautiful park near to Raj Niwas has facilities like amusement rides, safe water sports, nature trail around the lake, garden, restaurant and historic remains like Japanese Temples as well as bunker.

Marina Park

This park, right on the sea shore near to the water sports complex, has amusement rides, children’s traffic park, water bike ride, and paddle-boat and toy train. It is suitable for spending the evenings.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, which is located around 29 Kms from Port Blair is the gateway to coral Islands like Jolly buoy, Redskin and Mowadera etc. Glass bottom boats are available here for the tourists to see the beautiful coral reefs under the water. You can also camp in star quality and eco-friendly properties overnight at New Wandoor.


30 kms from Port Blair are Labyrinth group islands accessible by boat service from Wandoor. They are excellent for swimming and snorkeling and the glass bottomed boats offer excellent views of corals.

Jolly buoy Island

It is very famous for under water corals and the pristine clear beach. This place is one hour journey from Wandoor beach. Snorkeling and scuba diving are available here. To reach Jolly buoy island people have to come to Wandoor beach.


Island offers the lure of underwater coral gardens and unspoiled beaches. If you are really lucky you might even end up catching a view of the dolphins merrily playing in the emerald waters of the sea.

Jogger’s Park

One can see the aerial view of the Air Port from this place. It is a place for the evening walkers and time passers. It is the place from which one can view the breath taking view of the Air strip.

Viper Island

Gets its name from the sunken British survey ship and is situated across Haddo Wharf. The island housed the first prison before the Cellular Jail was built. Boat service is available from Water Sports Complex, Aberdeen.

Carbyn’s Cove

Is a busy beach situated 7 kms from Port Blair. This city beach attracts thousands of visitors from abroad apart from the local tourists. Facilities like hotels, changing room are available near the beach.

Chidiya Tapu: (25 kms. from Port Blair)

It is a Park for watching wildlife in their natural environs and scuba diving. The drive to the park is pleasant and the sunsets are a great sight. It is the take off point to the Cliques, a cluster of five small islands, about two hours by chartered boats. Nearby Rutland Island has a facility for night halt.

Collinpur Beach

This is two km long beach attracts tourists who enjoy privacy and natural environs. It is located 36 kms from Port Blair. The beach is suitable for swimming, sun basking and sunset viewing.

Mount Harriet (55 kms. by road / 15 kms. by ferry)

The summer Rest House of the British are approachable by road and boat. It is the highest peak in South Andamans situated across Chatham Wharf. Enjoy the spectacular view of Port Blair, North Bay and Madhuban from atop. The trekking enthusiasts can enjoy a beautiful trail up to Kala Patthar.

North Bay

It is the ideal place for Snorkeling, Glass Bottom boat and Scuba diving which is situated at the foot of Mount Harriet. You can reach Madhuban Beach from North Bay. Regular ferry services are available from Water Sport Complex, Aberdeen.

Barren Island 139 kms. by sea from Port Blair.

The only active volcano in India is located in Barren Island. The Volcano erupted twice in recent past, once in 1991 and again in 1994-95, after remaining dormant for about 177 years. The island can be visited by charted boats only with the permission of Forest Department.

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